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Straight Line Tape Machine
Item No: LR-100

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For A Perfect Line Every Time


This tool will make life so much easier when applying safety lines. Place one center chalk line; then push to apply both sides in one pass. This machine comes with guides to hold 1"; 1-1/2" and 2" tape. Add a circle or 3-Point kit to make a basketball court.

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Sizes: FloorAmerica Product

Key Features:

  • LR-100 is Tape Machine Only
  • LR-120 Comes with Basic Circle Kit for 12 Ft Circle
  • Extension Poles are Available in Metal and Aluminum

  • Price: $600.00

    Item NoDescriptionSizeUnitPrice
       Line-Rite-100  Applies both side of tape at same time for straight lines  Tape Machine  each $ 600.00  
      Line-Rite-120  Above Plus 12 Ft Circle Kit (Flex-Joint, Center Pivot) Metal Poles  Machine/Cir Kit  each $ 690.00  
      3 Point Kit  Use with LR-120 to use this, addition circle kit includes metal poles with dolly  20 Ft Circle Kit  each $ 210.00  
      LR-Center Pivot  This Pivot is used to make a circle, must drill a small hole to use.  Pivot Collar  each $ 32.50  
      LR-Flex-Joint  This attaches the poles to the tape Machine  Flex-Joint  each $ 26.50  
      2 Foot Pole  24 Inch Extra Pole You can add as many poles needed.   24 inch pole  each $ 21.50  
      5 Foot Pole  60 Inch Extra Pole. These can to be added to extend your circle.  60 inch pole  each $ 29.75  
      18-Aluminum  18 inch. Aluminum Tubes for the circle, does not need the flex joint.  18 inch Alum Pole  each $ 44.25  
      Pivot Base  24 Inch Base for Pivot, This is the best way to pivot without drilling a hole in the floor.  Pivot Base  each $ 221.00  
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