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TrowelSlick Made My Job Easy
Item No: See Trowel Slick

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Tillie Fay Baker


Tillie also believes this product saves her time and adds quality to every project. Also use a light to see your work.

Key Features:

  • To install the best cove and base,
  • Look directly into your work!

  • Price: Priceless

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    Chalk Line


    A Must to mark your walls before applying CoveStrips. This has 100 FT of line to reach from corner to corner. Easy rewind and simple to refill. Make sure to get extra chalk and a back-up line.

    Tape & Wheel Measures

    $ 12.50

    You have to measure before you can install. Tape or wheel measuring.

    Trowel Slick


    Provides a great lubrication for your trowels and to clean resin off walls as base is being installed. A Non-Solvent Product that help finish the base so less top coats are needed.


    See TABLE

    These are plastic L strips for the termination of Cove & Base. Each strip is 8 feet long with an adhesive backing for easy application. The strips are clear and therefore turn the color of your