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Item No: F-15

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Profiling Etching Solution


This is the best chemical Etch on the Market today! It contains 5 different Acids in which each performs better cleaning; rinsing and creates bond to the concrete. If you do any chemical cleaning you need to try this product. We have cleaned over 65 Million square feet without any failure in the past 15 years. A chemical bond is better!! The mixture is 6-7 parts water to 1 part Etch. Personal Protection is required while using this product.

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Sizes: Truck Line Only

Key Features:

  • FloorAmerica Made Product
  • Used on over 85 Million Square Feet
  • Call for more details and use!! 615-256-5723

  • Price: See Info

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    Item NoDescriptionSizeUnitPrice
       F-15-1  FloorEtch-1 Mix 1 part Etch with 6 parts water. Hazmat Material  1 Gallon yields 400 SF  1-Gallon Jug $ 15.50  
      F-15-2.5  FloorEtch-1 Mix 1 part Etch with 6 parts water. Hazmat Material  2.5 Gallons yields 1,000 SF   2-1/2 Gallon Jug $ 35.00  
      F-15-5  FloorEtch-1 Mix 1 part Etch with 6 parts water. Hazmat Material  5 Gallons yields 2,000 SF  5 Gallon Pail $ 60.00  
      F-15-55  FloorEtch-1 Mix 1 part Etch with 6 parts water. Hazmat Material  55 Gallons yields 22,000 SF  Drum $ 595.00  
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