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Item # CT-12-3/4
Sometimes you just need a bigger tool to get the job done. Our 12 inch cove tool fits the bill and is available in a three-quarter or 1 inch radius. It has two handles and trust me you will need them....
$ 56.60

Item # PCS-800
These are plastic L strips for the termination of Cove & Base. Each strip is 8 feet long with an adhesive backing for easy application. The strips are clear and therefore turn the color of your floo...

Item # 3M-231

231 Masking Tape is the best tape to use for line stripping, and to tape doorways or openings where your Epoxy Floor stops! This solvent resistance tape will not bleed if surface is clean and tape ...


Item # F-15-5
This is the best chemical Etch on the Market today! It contains 5 different Acids in which each perf.

Item # F-25-5
This daily cleaner can be used in mop bucket mixed 10 to 1 with warm water. It also can be used in a.

Item # F-50-5

FloorScrub-1 is for more aggressive cleaning on a coated floor system. Mix 16 to 1 with warm wate.

Item # F-100-5
Not bragging but this is the best degreaser and concrete cleaner you have ever used. This product wa.

Item # F-20-1
This is the most aggressive cleaner we make that will not harm the floor system. It's used to remov.
  Equipment - Other

Item # MG-506
Not only it this for the decorative concrete installs; but works great on cutting or cleaning joints.

Item # 2A81843
Magpie Aluminum plate with 6 piece of Double row Cup-Wheel 30 grit diamonds can be used to remove le.

Item # Kit-1
Metabo Grinder w/Shroud; Handle; Wrench and Adaptor Nut. [Grinder Kit #1] 24-180;15 AMP; 8500 RPM.

Item # PE420GP
The PE420GP is the answer to hard floor maintenance. This propane powered floor care machine grinds;.

Item # 303
Funnel Top Design for Easy Filling; Stainless Steel Pump Rod; Heavy duty polyethylene tank; Trigger .

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