Monday March 20th is the first day of spring 2017, This is the only day this will happen this year!!! . . . . . That means you need to order your back up supplies and tools for the Spring Work Load . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Happy EASTER!!. . . . . . . . We will be Closed Good Friday April 14th, 2017
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Flooramerica's Monthly Specials

Item # CT-12-3/4
Sometimes you just need a bigger tool to get the job done. Our 12 inch cove tool fits the bill and is available in a three-quarter or 1 inch radius. It has two handles and trust me you will need them....
$ 56.60

Item # PCS-800
These are plastic L strips for the termination of Cove & Base. Each strip is 8 feet long with an adhesive backing for easy application. The strips are clear and therefore turn the color of your floo...

Item # F-25-1
Provides a great lubrication for your trowels and to clean resin off walls as base is being installed. A Non-Solvent Product that help finish the base so less top coats are needed....

This is the best chemical Etch on the Market today! It contains 5 different Acids in which each perf.
Item # F-15-5

This daily cleaner can be used in mop bucket mixed 10 to 1 with warm water. It also can be used in a.
Item # F-25-5


FloorScrub-1 is for more aggressive cleaning on a coated floor system. Mix 16 to 1 with warm wate.
Item # F-50-5

Not bragging but this is the best degreaser and concrete cleaner you have ever used. This product wa.
Item # F-100-5

FloorSpot Cleaner
This is the most aggressive cleaner we make that will not harm the floor system. It's used to remov.
Item # F-20-1
  Equipment - Other

The Mongoose Pro Pack
Not only it this for the decorative concrete installs; but works great on cutting or cleaning joints.
Item # MG-506

Magpie Aluminum Plate 18
Magpie Aluminum plate with 6 piece of Double row Cup-Wheel 30 grit diamonds can be used to remove le.
Item # 2A81843

Metabo Grinder
Metabo Grinder w/Shroud; Handle; Wrench and Adaptor Nut. [Grinder Kit #1] 24-180;15 AMP; 8500 RPM.
Item # Kit-1

Pioneer Eclipse Propane
The PE420GP is the answer to hard floor maintenance. This propane powered floor care machine grinds;.
Item # PE420GP

Acid Etching 303 Sprayer
Funnel Top Design for Easy Filling; Stainless Steel Pump Rod; Heavy duty polyethylene tank; Trigger .
Item # 303